Our December Young British Talent star is Alice Oluyitan, a 24 year old fashion graduate who studied at Brighton University. Alice is a budding young entrepreneur from East London who is currently developing a womenswear fashion brand. Alice takes inspiration from colour, especially colour created by light. She is also inspired by music, poetry, the future and moments of joy. We asked Alice to illustrate some of her favourite Skinnydip pieces and we LOVE the outcome! Want to know what a Skinnydip girl looks like, look no further!


 Describe your style.
I would say my style is a mix of simple shapes with bold details. I really love to wear plain, easy and clean shapes, like t-shirts and A-line dresses and team this with statement jewellery pieces that have lots of gems and unique motifs. In the summer I'll wear bright block colours and graphic prints, when its colder I prefer to wear more muted colours with a bright accessory.

Your final AW13 collection has a fabulous mix of colour and texture, what inspired you?
I was really inspired by a quote I read in an article about how our homes could like in the future, it said that they would be like a "Techni-coloured pleasure dome, a vibrant recreation centre, a domestic amusement arcade, somewhere that will free the spirit, delight the senses and unleash the personality". This inspired the colours that I used for the collection, which were vibrant and techni-coloured, I took the word "dome" which influenced the shapes of my jacket designs, which had a large, dome like sleeves. I also looked at artist Dan Flavin and streetwear details.

Whats your fave blog to read on your lunch break?
My favourite blog to read is The Business of Fashion, especially when they have the articles on the successes of fashion labels, they are always really inspiring and informative.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
5 years from now I would have started my fashion brand, so I see myself doing what I love - designing and producing womenswear apparel and accessories. I hope to be in a position where my brand is growing successfully in the UK as well as other markets around the world and I hope to have an amazing e-commerce store and boutique.

Style Inspiration?
I'm inspired by London street wear labels, the 1960's style and luxury womenswear labels. I'm really inspired by the attitude of a confident woman who knows who she is and is not afraid of wearing bold prints and colour. I love when a woman can be effortlessly mix and combine street with high fashion, for me there is nothing more exciting that seeing a woman wear a beautifully made embellished dress with a quilted bomber jacket!

What is your favourite item from the AW13 Skinnydip collection?
There are so many to choose from but I really love the Triton and Venus case!

Who was the last person you chose to follow on Instagram?
The last person I followed was one the co founders of a magazine called 'Ballad of'. They support new designers and artists, their latest had an editorial that had some of my graduate collection in it so that was super exciting!


Check out Alice here: http://gbemiloves.tumblr.com / Instagram: @gbemiloves