Continuing our Young British Talent feature we get to know Erin Keen. Erin is a 22 year old illustrator from Portsmouth who after studying illustration at the Winchester School of Art, is rarely seen without a pen in her hand. We gave Erin free reign of Skinnydip products to illustrate along with a a few studio shots. We love Erin's illustration style and will defiantly be looking this girl up for our next Skinnydip family portrait.


How long have you been drawing?
Since I was a kid. Drawing is really the only thing i've ever wanted to do. Someone once said to me that I look more natural with a paintbrush in my hand than without. If i'm holding a pencil i'll be doodling on something.

What's the inspiration behind your illustrations?
I love pattern and interiors so a lot of my illustrations are inspired by 1950s 60s and 70s interiors magazines. I especially love 1950s furniture, it features in my work a lot.

Whats your favourite illustration to date and why?
The 'Moody Gals' illustration I did as part of my FMP at uni is probably my favourite. I just think the colours and atmosphere of it work really well. The girls look like they're staring at you in disgust, which is what I was going for.

Describe your personal style.
I wear a lot of stripes and corduroy, also cherry red Doc Marten shoes...everyday. My work is so colourful but clothes wise the overriding colour in my wardrobe is navy blue. Essentially I want to look like i'm in a Wes Anderson film.

Whats your favourite blog to read?
I follow a lot of other illustrator blogs. My favourite at the moment is Kaye Blegvad's. She;s an illustraor but she also makes beautiful ceramics and jewellery. Check her out here:

Who was the last person you chose to follow on Instagram?
The last person I followed was my friend Dizzy @dizzysdots, she's an artist who makes lovely dotty paintings.

Whats your favourite Skinnydip item?
I like the Venus case. I think it would go well with my work.

For further information check out Erin's website:


Instagram: @erinkeen