Another month, another Young British Talent feature and in our February slot is Annabel Dakin! The 25 year old Newcastle born illustrator lives with her boyfriend in Haggerston, East London and after studying Fashion Illustration at the London College of Fashion she is now a freelance illustrator. Annabel enjoys doodling everything from Bart Simpson to dinosaurs and we cant get enough of her illustration style. 

How long have you been drawing for?
Forever really, my earliest memory is 'painting' my grandma's sofa! I draw everyday, which I think is really important for people to do, even if its just a little doodle while you're bored on the bus. I read that creativity is a muscle so you need to exercise it as often as possible! 

Whats the inspiration behind your illustrations?
My inspiration is so varied its hard to pin down a few particular things. I always keep a notebook with me to jot down ideas, and ofcourse having a phone helps to capture the things I see (although I've dropped it and cracked my camera, oops!) At the moment a few things inspiring my work are Scandinavian Design, The Simpsons, dinosaurs and cacti.

Whats your favourite illustration to date and why?
One of my favourite illustrations was a pencil and watercolour scene of birds that I drew for my mum. It wasn't my usual style at all, but I love creating things for friends and family members - it's nice to see that my work makes people happy!

Describe your personal style
My style is quite classic I think, I generally always wear black jeans and usually trainers (I love new trainers) but I love colourful shirts and jumpers. People like Chloe Sevingy and Alabama (Patricia Arquette) from True Romance inspires me - they always look amazing.

Whats your favourite blog to read?
I love reading the blogs of other artists and illustrators, however, always keeps me up to date with the latest in the art and design world.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully successful in my new business venture! Ideally, as long as I get paid for drawing everyday I'll be very happy!

Who was the last person you chose to follow on Instagram?
@Mr_Bingstagram - amazing illustrator, his 'Hate Mail' service is genius!

Whats your favourite Skinnydip item?
I can't wait to get my hands on the new 'Wren' iPhone case! So many jewels!

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