Continuing our brand focus we chat to the gals behind accessory label Its Not Me Its You. Set up in 2012 in East London, the team produce a range of leather accessories that feature wonderfully blunt and funny foil embossed slogans. From bags, purses and even passport holders, Its Not Me Its You have all your accessory needs covered! Slogans range from 'you can't sit with us' to 'love don't pay the rent' and there will definitely be a phrase that speaks to you. Our favourite? It has to be 'I've lost the key to my imagination, now I can't start my unicorn' zip pouch clutch. The brands quality crafted pieces really make a statement and are a welcome addition to any outfit. We say let your accessories do the talking!

Who are you and what do you do?
Um, hello! My name is Billi and I make handbags. Hold on, that sounds a bit too “first day at the help group”. Right, we are three girls that have set up a leather accessories brand that is all made and printed in East London. Our aim is to make quality leather stuff with embossed slogans for affordable prices. Wow, that sounds way better. Next question, please! 

What influences your work?
Potentially everything on earth and the skies above – “Pssst, Billi, I think you need to say a little more”. Ok, take our brand name, that came from a text one of us sent to a guy she was kind of seeing. Some designs have come from necessity, some from an overheard conversation, or maybe an everyday object. One style came about from the shape of a branch I saw in the park. So anything can catch the thread of your imagination, you then decide to let it pull or not. 

How would you describe the space that you work in?
A bit too turquoise, but that is because Jems is the one who is most in the factory so she got to pick the colour. As for designs, I keep a notebook where I jot down ideas. That can happen anywhere. But yeah, the factory is coming together. That is, it has come on a lot since we started. There is a kitchenette for teas, a radio and a loo. And loads of leather. All we need. 

How would you sum up a Its Not Me Its You customer?
Someone with really good taste, obviously. Um, I like to think that our customer is someone who gets what we are trying to achieve and appreciates how we are proposing it. The rules were set before we started: leather, made in London, affordable and not mass-produced. So, yeah, someone who is not mass-produced. 

What's keeping you busy at the moment?
Funny you ask that. Social media is eating up a lot of my time at the moment. Between personal email accounts, personal FB and twitter feeds, then INMIY accounts on FB, twitter, instagram and pinterest…I tell you what, I love the direct contact with the customer but before I even start my day I will have spent an hour just checking and updating all those accounts. But, on a serious note, the running of a label (designing, ordering leathers, website, shipping etc.) keeps us on our toes. Very full days, yes. 

What's been the biggest highlight of the Its Not Me Its You story so far?
We haven't reached the highlight yet! :) World domination. The very positive reaction has to be the highlight of our first year, we did better than predicted in that sense, so a Japanese-inspired bow to all who looked into us and what we do! 

What’s the best/funniest slogan to go on a product to date?
The unicorn seems to be en vogue at the moment. As for the funniest slogan I have ever seen, well, it isn’t on any of our stuff but tattooed on Kitty’s arse.

Favourite piece from your current collection?
We are not a seasonal brand so new stuff gets made when the ideas come to me. At the moment I am using a shopper and one of the over-sized clutches. There are a couple more styles in the pipelines as we speak. 

If you were invisible for a day you would...
I would probably sabotage one of those made-up award shows for made-up bands they have these days – you know the ones, like the BRIT Awards – by standing by the podium and whispering stuff into the winners’ ears.

Want to CHECK out the full Its Not Me Its You collection? Here's the website link:
Twitter: @itsnotmeitsyou8
Facebook: itsnotmeitsyouUK
Instagram: @itsnotmeitsyoulondon