It's no secret that here at Skinnydip we love a bit of Instagram action! It's such a great way to show you what we're getting up to, whether its blingin' new phone case or our founder Lewis dressing up like a 'East London trendy' we like to keep you in the loop!

It's all well and good us showing you all what we're doing but we would much prefer to see what our babein Skinnydip customers/followers are up to. We started #SKINNYDIPSELFIE as there ain't no selfie like a Skinnydip selfie but we love seeing your outfit posts or just you showing off your case!

This weeks #SKINNYDIPSELFIE crown goes to fashion blogger Taru of Stylegenda. We're loving your pics Taru, keep em' coming! 

If you think you can do a better #SKINNYDIPSELFIE give it a go! Simply hashtag and tag us @SKINNYDIPLONDON! <3