We first fell in love with Millie Mackintosh when she starred in reality tv show favourite Made In Chelsea. From throwing drinks in Spencer's face to being the best dressed gal on the show Millie has since gone on to do great things and be become a fashion icon in her own right. We can't think of a better fashionista who can mix high street finds with high end designer! Yesterday the gorgeous Millie Mac instagrammed two of our new perspex clutch bags, we can't wait to see how she styles them. What do you think would work well?

Millie has a totally fab style diary section on her website that was started last year [http://millie-mackintosh.com/style-diary/]. Although it hasn't been updated in a while we've heard on the grapevine that Millie will be starting it up again. We love knowing exactly where Millie's clothes are from and how she styles them, especially when they are super affordable high street pieces. Below we've rounded up our fave looks (along with a a pic from her wedding day as she looked so lovely!) and included a #SKINNYDIPSELFIE pic that Millie took today! 

Wanna get your hands on Millie's Skinnydip clutch bags and iPhone case? Click the links below: