Sara Louise Thomas can be described as an English Rose with a Gypsy Soul. We fell in love with Sara's boho style when stumbling across her Instagram feed @sara_waiste. Sara, a 25 year old vintage business entrepreneur knows her own style and can mix and match patterns like a pro. From modelling for High Street giant Urban Outfitters to running her online vintage site WAISTE and her personal style blog also called WASITE we don't know how she does it! Born in Staffordshire, Sara is now based in East London where she works from her studio with her fluffy black cat Herschy.

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
Check instagram (haha) then have cuddles with Herschy and a breakfast smoothie!

How do you deicide what to wear everyday? 
With great difficulty, I’ll either think of a great outfit in about two minutes, or if I have to go somewhere important I can spend hours agonising, try on a million things and end up late.

Describe your style.
A little bit Boho, hippy and gypsy.

What piece of clothing could you not live without?
My cowboy boots. They go with everything

What’s your favourite London shopping spots? 
The carboots are great, and Church Street for little independent shops

Charity shop faves? 
Northern ones are the best, London are too overpriced

If you could raid someone’s wardrobe, whose would it be? 
After seeing the Coachella pics, definitely Vanessa Hudgens!

What’s your favourite item from the Skinnydip collection? 
The cute little pineapple case for sure!

Any style tips?
Don’t be afraid to mix and match and pattern clash. Layer it up too, whether it’s necklaces or clothing

What is your most treasured possession?
My vintage charm bracelet my Nana gave me for my 21st birthday. My granddad bought her a charm back for it from every place he travelled to around the world. 

If you were invisible for a day you would…
Go be naughty and spy on people and get all the gossip…hehehe!