Here at Skinnydip we love anything kitch so when we came across PINPOST we were absolutely buzzing. From Sassy Slogans to those classic Mean Girls quotes, accessorising has never looked so fab! (and we had a crush on EVERYTHING). We met up with Sarah the creator of PINPOST to discuss the brand and what the future holds... 
Where did you get the idea for PINPOST from?
I had just started collecting enamel pins and had so many ideas for cool pins that were not available to buy, so I decided to start designing and selling them myself! Subscription gifts are having a moment, so I thought I would combine the two ideas. I hadn't seen subscription pins in action anywhere else, so I went for it! Since we launched, there are now a few other pin subscription brands out there, but we are all so different and focus on different themes and styles from one another. I have a few customers who are signed up for as many as 4 different pin subs at one time!

Where do you get your inspo from?
PINPOST pins are all inspired by pop culture - my favourite films, tv shows and characters. I watch a hell of a lot of TV, and I have a long list of different pin ideas that I hope to make a dent in this year. The next PINPOST pin is inspired by the return of The X-Files which was one of the first shows I was truly addicted to. In those pre Netflix and Sky+ days, I had to wait until the following week to get my fix, rather than binging on 10 episodes in a row. I miss those days and the suspense & excitement the time between episodes brought. 
Instagram is a huge thing for us, and I regularly search for hashtags including #PinGame and #PinCollection to see what other pin artists are up to. I buy so many pins after seeing them on Instagram, and my collection is so vast now, that I have three cork noticeboards on my wall containing them all. Pins are art and I love looking at them, as well as wearing them!
Fun fact about PINPOST?
PINPOST has two celebrity subscribers! But we don't pin & tell! ;)
What’s your favourite pin?
My favourite PINPOST pin was our very first pin, which features actor Bill Murray in one of my favourite scenes from Wes Anderson film, Rushmore. My other favourite pin is by Etsy seller YOU WERE SWELL and features the creature from the black lagoon - it has a distinct B Movie vibe with a romantic, girly twist, which is what YOU WERE SWELL does best. 
Describe the PINPOST customer?
The PINPOST customer is a box set fanatic, quotes tv shows all the time, and likes fun accessories while taking pride in being an individual. They are also part unicorn.
Brand highlight so far?
We have been privileged to collaborate with some amazing designers including Jenni's Prints who designed our amazing Li'l Sebastian pin. We collaborate regularly with our sister brand LA LA LAND and hope to work with some other pin artists in the future.
What do you have in store for the future?
We are launching our Pin Collector Starter Packs later this month. They contain 5 secret pins. These are great for the new collector or an established collector just wanting to add to their collection. We are also releasing a small limited run of art prints featuring some of our favourite pin designs.
We can give you a SkinnyDip exclusive - the theme for our May pin is going to be BROAD CITY!
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