Last night the Skinnydip Social hit up Chick Flick Tuesday at the Rooftop Cinema in Peckham to see one of the greatest 90's films like ever made! Clueless has forever held a special place in our hearts, from tartan co-ords to mad layering skills the costumes in the film cannot be faulted only lusted after. Cher, Dion and even frenemy Amber's wardrobe is amazing, not forgetting Q-T Tai (RIP Brittany Murphy x). Hair flicking, incredible 90′s short skirts, plaid, dreamy Josh, and the awesomeness that was Cher Horowitz. What’s not to love?! Check out what's on at the Rooftop Cinema, check it out HERE and check out our totally Clueless related iPhone cases that Cher would have definitely been buggin' over!

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