Ever wanted a tattoo but change your mind so often you can never commit to a design? SAME HERE! In the Skinnydip studio we would love to get our ink on but we are far too scared and can't decide what to get! That's where Skin Feelings comes in, a cool French temporary tattoo brand that have a range of black and metallic tatts! 

We tried out our fave Skin Feelings tattoos and caught up with Leslie, the founder of Skin Feelings below! Which tattoo would you choose?

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Leslie, Skin Feelings Founder & Designer! I run Skin Feelings, a temporary tattoo brand all by myself, like a boss! My job is really complete: I’m a designer, a webmaster, a commercial, a community manager and I take care of all deliveries for the online shop and our retailers. I never get bored, there’s always something to do!

Where did the name ‘Skin Feelings’ come from?
When I picked the name “Skin Feelings” I wanted to express the good vibes spirit of the brand. When you are comfortable in your skin, you can do whatever you want. Our temporary messages are just little reminders during the day to feel good and give you motivation and strength.

What influences your work?
Skin Feelings was born from a late night pinning sesh on Pinterest. I always look for new inspiration on this platform. I love analyzing and anticipating fashion trends to translate into tattoos so I always keep an eye on shows during Fashion Week.

I also spend countless hours on fashion blogs! I’m a big fan of bloggers and gather up all my ideas to create a collection theme.

How would you describe the space that you work in?
I’ve just moved out from my previous place. Now I work and live in a one of a kind and luminous Atelier d’Artiste (a loft) in Paris. The perfect home office!

How would you sum up a Skin Feelings girl?
The Skin Feelings girl is avant-gardiste and dynamic. She loves to experience new things but she’s also really sensitive.

What’s keeping you busy at the moment?
I’m currently busy promoting the brand new collection “Comme un Diamant Noir”.

This fall, I’ve designed realistic tattoo jewels with trendy metallic ink. Obviously, they come along with the signature message tattoos. I’m also starting to gather up some ideas for the Spring/summer 15 collection.

What has been the biggest highlight of the Skin Feelings story so far?
Skin Feelings was launched only a year and a half ago, but I’ve been really lucky to meet and work with talented and very interesting people and brands. To name a few, I’ve collaborated with international Fashion blogger Soraya Bakhtiar, and brands like Free People and Piaget. Too difficult to pick a specific one, every project is different and exciting in its own terms.

What’s your favourite tattoo to date?
That’s a tough question! This fall I have a major crush on the handchain tattoo in white/gold, and for the message tattoo I would pick “Mademoiselle” or “I’m not like the rest”.

Do you have any real tattoos?
I’ve no real tattoos I have a major issue: I change my mind too often! I’m not able to choose a specific design! That’s why temporary tattoos are my best choice!

Any style tips?
The best way to wear your temporary tattoo is to appropriate it. Then play with your imagination to wear it wherever you’d like on your skin. I love to see how people get creative wearing Skin Feelings tattoos. Don’t hesitate to share your tattoo's selfie’s on #skinfeelings on Instagram  & Facebook!

Where do you see Skin Feelings in the future?
Even if our tattoos are temporary, Skin Feelings see its future in a really positive way. We have tons of demands and collaboration proposals! There’s a lot of work ahead!

If you were invisible for a day you would...
… Spy all creative minds around the world to see how they work. I’m so curious!

Want to check out the full Skin Feelings range? Click HERE!