Here at Skinnydip we are HUGE jewellery lovers, so when we hear 'Edgy accessories with an ethical story' our heart skips a beat. Let us introduce you to hot new accessory brand Edge of Ember whose luxury designs are inspired by global influences and traditional craftsmanship. Creative director Lynette Ong travels the world to forge partnerships with artisan groups and the results are beautiful. We caught up with Lynette below...

Why did you decide to start your brand?
I love the blend of being creative, entrepreneurial and independent, so it was a very natural step that I took. I also wanted to work with Asian artisans, as I am from Singapore (and was living in Asia when I started Edge of Ember), and there weren’t really any jewellery or fashion brands committed to working with fair trade Asian workshops then.

Where do you get the inspiration for your pieces?
I find myself gravitating towards photography and architecture a lot. I love sleek lines and geometric forms.

Why did you begin your collaboration with these artisan workshops and decide to donate 10% of your profits?
I wanted to start a socially responsible, ethically produced accessories brand so I sought these small artisan workshops out right from the start. With the negative connotation around Asian factory production, I thought that it was important for customers to be able to connect with a brand through its transparent ethical practices.

The 10% donation was another way for our customers to relate to our cause, and for us to make a statement with our pieces. By committing to both ethical production and a philanthropic contribution to anti-trafficking charities, it was our way of advocating fair trade and get our brand followers on board.

Has this collaboration influenced your designs?
To a certain extent, definitely, as our designs are restricted to what these local artisans are skilful at and what they can source. Their capabilities and channels are not as extensive as a large factory, but they make up for this in quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Do you have a favourite piece from your current collection?
It’s hard to pick one, since I always have myself in mind as the target customer when I design the collection! I’m currently loving the Radial cuff. Its a statement piece and I always feel like I'm all armoured up when I wear it, and instantly strong enough to take anything on!

What do you love most about having your own brand, what's been the highlight so far?
I love the flexibility of not being bound to a desk or office hours. I love that feeling of being super driven every day when I wake up, thinking about what issues I can solve that day, or what new channels I should explore. When its your own brand, the sky is the limit.

How would you describe an Edge of Ember girl?
Strong, stylish and confident. She is trendy but doesn’t let trends overwhelm her true style. She skips to her own beat and wants a little more than the usual mainstream choices – in fashion, travel, or any life choices. She knows what she wants, isn’t afraid to work towards her goals, loves to work hard and play harder.

What's next for the brand, what do you have planned for the future?
I would love for Edge of Ember to expand into other accessories categories, and become a global lifestyle brand that is founded on socially responsible, ethical values. We are also working on collaborations with other brands and individuals – always very exciting to bring a fresh new perspective on board.