BACKSTAGE ALERT! We got to head behind the scenes at Winchester School of Art's 2015 BA Fashion & Textiles Graduate Show!! As two of our sassy Skinnydip gals have both graduated from WSA, they got to go backstage and check out this years Young British Talent first hand! 

The show was a huge success with over 300 attendees including notable fashion and trade press, WSA alumni and students. Cecilia Langemar, Programme Leader for Fashion & Textile Design at WSA described the show as “a brilliant celebration of our talented 2015 graduates, showcasing a varied selection of creative and professional collections.”

Highlights of the show included collections by Knitwear designer Lucy McCann and Menswear designer Eloise Lancaster. Lucy McCann’s final collection ‘Murmuration’ is inspired by the migration and travel patterns of birds. Through the looping and fluffing of textured yarns and use of vivid colours, McCann beautifully translated the freedom of flight and textures of feathers to create a vibrant graduate collection.

Eloise Lancaster’s final collection ‘Zugzwang’ features an array of designs inspired by the Dada art movement and its childish outlook. Lancaster explored the dark sinister side of childhood through toys and dolls to produce a collection that conveyed this theme through clothing proportions and the use of a human rib motif.

We loved the show and the amount of emerging talent was overwhelming! These shows are fantastic ways to showcase graduate work, inspiring us and other industry professionals!