Blue Monday is supposed to be the saddest day of the year, but to that, we say ha! Let’s prove that Blue Monday is a myth and have the happiest day ever! Follow along with these 4 top tips to make your Blue Monday the best it can be.

Here’s an idea to boost your serotonin: try a sporty activity like rock climbing, swimming, or ice skating. Not your thing? Do something artsy instead! From painting to pottery, there are loads of fun, calming activities to do this Blue Monday. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then baking might be more up your street! Have a blast making cookies, cupcakes or brownies and share your finished creations with your loved ones. Yum!

Nothing says sadness like feeling alone. And who says you have to spend Blue Monday by yourself? Plan the perfect day in with your closest friend and pack it full of fun activities you can do together! You could start by doing makeovers on each other - follow tutorials online and come up with some chic looks (or silly, whatever you’d prefer!).

Something you defo need to try is making TikToks with your bestie! Whether it be dance challenges or silly, comedy skits, go crazy! If you want time away from screens, board games never go out of style - so get one out of the loft and play, play, play! We’d suggest a Netflix binge to end the day, complete with popcorn and lots of yummy snacks. Perfect!

There’s nothing better than getting out of your home and into the fresh air! Take a walk in your local park and soak in the nature, you could even bring along a picnic to enjoy if the weather is nice! Visit your favourite cafe on your way home and pick up a nice, hot drink - there’s nothing like a delicious hot chocolate to soothe the soul!

Love movies? Head to the cinema this Blue Monday and watch one of the latest flicks (we’d recommend a comedy, so the laughter never stops!). If you want to keep moving and get the boost only a workout can give you, then head to the gym and feel those happy chemicals just roll in!

No matter what you’re doing this Blue Monday, you’ve gotta look good while doing it! Put on some makeup and wear your cutest clothes to start the day off right - you’ll be surprised how much of an impact it can have on your mood. When you’re wearing your favourite jeans, anything is possible!