It's that time again... where we lust after another sassy girls style! This month's Skinnydip blogger of the month is Lucy Radwell aka Lucylu Rose. Lucy is our go to girl for high street picks. Lucy finds the best new in products from our fave brands like Missguided, Public Desire and Pretty Little Thing which leaves our bank balance pretty empty! We caught up with the lovely Lucy below...

Hi Lucy, how did you start blogging?
I started blogging during my second year of uni, so 2013, as a platform to enter the fashion industry when I graduated. My degree was in Marketing and I knew I wanted to apply this to the fashion world when I finished so thought a blog would be a perfect way to illustrate my passion. However, it’s only really in the past year I’ve been able to blog more regularly and since my blog has taken off more than I ever imagined. Now I have graduated I’ve decided to become a full time fashion blogger which is crazy but so exciting!

Describe your personal style.
My style is girly glam, high street styling but with a fun twist. I’m currently owning a brilliant collection of quirky bodysuits, Bae Watching, Wannabe Mermaid and Bulls 1 (you know the Beyonce inspired Missguided number), it’s nearing an obsession now! I love experimenting with different looks and am always keen to play around with the latest styles.

What trend are you looking forward to for A/W?
Every AW I look forward to fluff, faux fur and sequins galore. But this AW I’m particularly looking forward to experimenting with 70s vibes, rusty reds and bold prints, applying these to my style, creating day-day looks through high street brands.

If you could raid someones wardrobe, whose would it be?
There are so many I would love to raid! But if I had to choose one it would 100% be Kenzas, I adore her style and she’s forever my #WCW.

Fave high street brand atm?
It’s definitely between Missguided, Pretty Little Thing and boohoo, they’re all affordable high street bands which I love to blog.

Fave Skinnydip item?
It has to be my new Pizza Queen case!

Any tips for aspiring bloggers?
Blogger tips would be to just be honest; write what you really think, photograph the clothes that you love and the rest will come naturally!

If you were invisible for a day you would…
If I was invisible for a day I would probably be raiding Kenza’s wardrobe!