Here at Skinnydip we love a good jewellery brand so when a friend introduced us to Eyland Jewellery we pretty much wept with joy! We have fell head over heels for Eyland whose handmade pieces look super high end but are totally affordable. Inspired by ancient amulets but with a modern twist, the brand carry the evil eye charm throughout their collections. We caught up with Victoria and Katrin the founders below...

How did Eyland Jewellery start?
We both wanted to do a project together for a while. Katrin owned a multi brand store in Iceland and was always looking for a really cool but accessible jewellery label. Victoria had spent 4 years working for luxury costume jeweller Dominic Jones. The aim of the brand was to create an affordable costume jewellery brand with the design, attention to detail and integrity of a high-end label.

Where do you get inspiration for for your pieces?
Our favourite place to go is the British Museum, they have amazing rooms of recovered artefacts, including a lot of Roman jewellery and armour, and Aztec pieces. We also went on a recent trip to Morocco, the collections include a lot of colour, and we found the colours and patterns used in the Moroccan textiles and ceramics from the Berber tribe very influential.


Whats your favourite piece from your current collection?
Probably the 'Juno' triple ring or the safety pin pieces.

Brand highlight so far?
Chloe Moretz wearing the jewellery!

Describe an Eyland girl in 3 words.
Cool, fun, sassy! 

Future plans?
Go big or go home

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