Anything that is poppy, fun and makes a statement is right up our street here at Skinnydip, so when we came across Sick Girls Official, we died and went to heaven! With loads of funky products, ranging from clothes to pins, this is the ultimate outlet to provide you with unique, modish ways of updating your wardrobe.

We spoke to Nat and Fox, the ultimate *SQUAD GOALS* behind this awesome brand! 

How did Sick Girls official begin? Where did it all start?

Fox: Natalie and I went to OCAD University together in Toronto. I remember this one time during a critique in an Illustration course, everyone had their assignments hung on the walls. I admired this one drawing of these disgusting barfing hamburgers and other brightly coloured, dripping fast food items in a dystopic landscape. It was Natalie’s, I knew we’d be friends.

Nat: We officially started Sick Girls about a year ago to showcase our work translated into handmade goods.

Where did the idea for the name come from?

Nat: Well we’re girls… and we like gross shit.

Fox: Stay sick, Ponyboy.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Nat: I get my inspiration from artists like Ed Roth, Jim Phillips of Santa Cruz Skateboards, as well as John Pound and Tom Bunk who were contributing artists to the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards.

Fox: Some of my favourite artists include Shary Boyle, Daisuke Ichiba, Stephen Appleby-Barr, and Neckface. We create products based off a crossover of things we like to draw, and current fashion.

Brand highlight so far?

Fox: A highlight so far is having people buying our products internationally, seeing photos they’ve taken, and all the positive feedback. Having a product sell out is actually such a fulfilling feeling because it means it was a hit and other people share in your aesthetic. In terms of our own products, the Blaria and Rose Gold Unicorn pins are two of our current bestsellers.

Fun fact about Sick Girls?

Fox: My cat, Craig, who is a popular feature on our Instagram (@sickgirlsofficial) has one of our pins on his collar. The funny thing is that he hates his collar and is always slipping it off, and since I put the pin on for a photoshoot he hasn’t taken it off. I think he likes it.

Describe the typical Sick Girls guy or gal in three words!

Nat: Rad, badass and uh… confident.

Fox: Stylish alcohol enthusiast

What’s next on the horizon for Sick Girls?

Nat: Right now we’re working on increasing our list of stockists, and trying to make more apparel rather than accessories.

Fox: We’re taking a bit of a break from the smaller pins and patches and working on tees and hats for fall. You can expect a look book coming soon.

Thanks ladies!

Want to jazz up your wardrobe with some Sick girls offical accessories? Check them out here!