It’s our first ever lockdown Valentine’s day, hooray! Okay we’re fully aware it kinda sucks that we can’t go and indulge at our favourite restaurant this year… but we’re here with a few fun ideas to make this year one to remember. Look at it as a story you can look back at and laugh at one day, the year we all stayed home saga continues!

Now you may have already seen this all over TikTok, but if you haven’t it’s given us all another cracking idea to spice things up a little during the longest lasting lockdown e v e r. As all our favourite restaurants are closed, why not add some fun to one of the places you’re actually allowed to go. Before you head to the shops, play rock paper scissors for your food and drink for the night. We’re talking the works, starter, main, dessert and even your drinks and evening snacks. Whoever wins each category then takes full responsibility for what’s on the menu!  

Now if you’re partial to a good ole’ picnic during our ever-great British summertime then you’re gonna love this idea! Get yourself to the shops and stock up on all your favourite picky-bits from sausage rolls to crisps, dips and all the good stuff in between that you both love. Lay out your favourite blanket, stick your phone in a drawer and ask Alexa to put your favourite playlist on and you’re all set. Plus an indoor picnic comes without any bugs and critters trying to get their mitts on your grub which is an added bonus right? Oh and another top tip – use disposable plates and cutlery for the ultimate picnic vibe (and it saves on the washing up too, thank us later 😉).

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include alcohol somewhere in these date ideas would it? Especially in the current climate. So why not add making a few fun cocktails into your evening agenda. You could even make it a competition on who can make the best mystery cocktail. Struggling for inspo? A few members of the team at Skinnydip HQ made some classic cocktails this week so if you need a few ideas, check that out here.

It’s been a tough year. So why not put on the full works and if you can’t go to the spa… bring the spa to you! From face masks to foot spas and at home massages – we’ve even found 4.9 hours of spa music for you to play in the background too. Oh and don’t forget to light those candles too to really heighten the feng shui. Zen mode: on.

We may have exhausted Zoom now but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun at home! Whether you love any excuse to buy a new game or your cupboard is full to the brim. From charades to monopoly and even beer pong if you’re making a wild Saturday night of it. Get the games out and mix up your weekend with a full game’s night – warning: competitive streaks may show so make sure there’s plenty of food and drink to soothe the sore loser's soul.