Is it Friday yet? Round up your girl gang and have Insta' at the ready, this weekend we're heading to the coolest (and pinkest) cocktail bar in town. Tonight Josephine (the IRL Instagram dream) has just opened around the corner from Waterloo station and just wait until you see those neon lights and fancy cocktails...

Welcomed with all the neon lights and stairs oh so pink they rival the legendary Frank's Cafe (yuuuup we said it!), you're gonna want all these statements on the 'gram: "well behaved women don't make history" and "why the f*ck can't I have fun all the time?" - we hear ya gurl!


History lesson with Skinnydip 101: Inspired by Josephine de Beauharnais (THE party gal of the 19th century) - this bar screams a sweet combo of girl power and all things feminine, so it's only right that we celebrate with drinks to match: cocktails topped with parma violets and fresh flowers?! We're in!


Sooooo, with your pink accessories at the ready - you know what to do (and we can't WAIT to see your pics!).


111 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8UL


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