Absolute make up #goals from mega beauty babe Jagoda showing us how to get that dreamy eyeshadow look using our Tequila Sunrise brushes. @Lifeofablueberry gives us a rundown on how to get your make up lookin' on fleek...


Top Tips for the perfect selfie?

To get a perfect effortless selfie all you need is natural light (stand by the window) and iPhone’s back camera 😄

You’ve woken up late, what’s your go-to makeup look?

 If I’m ever late or rather lay in 😜  my go to makeup look is a clean flawless base, natural lashes & a nude lip. Takes 15 minutes tops to do but makes me look put together!

Who are your fave beauty guru’s we need to get following on Insta?

My favourite Beauty guru on Instagram is @iluvsarahii - I’ve been following Karen since the beginning of Instagram and she always inspires me to be creative  

Your skin is g.l.o.w.i.n.g, secrets to getting flawless skin?

Secret to perfect skin is getting regular facials as well as having correct skincare for your skin type. Skincare is the key to flawless & glowing makeup application

Your fave brush from the ‘Shut the Contour’ set?

My favourite brush from the ‘shut the contour’ kit is ‘fleek my bones’ - I love it for highlighting 😍  picks up the right amount of  highlighter that I love to wear

What’s your favourite part of your make-up routine?

My absolute favourite part of my makeup routine is my skin - I love prepping it with skincare & primers and then applying foundation, concealer, contour & highlight on 😍 A clean and sculpted face always looks good & anybody can be a master at it!