Jordan & Loanne, identical twin sisters from London are our current ultimate girl crushes! They are serious mega-babes and their feeds are filling us full of envy. We caught up with the girls to find out about their favourites places, their essential wardrobe pieces and fun facts! 


Tell us a bit about yourselves:

We're Loanne and Jordan, identical twin sister from London.  We're fashion and travel bloggers, DJs and presenters.

We grew up in Portugal and absolutely love travelling. Anywhere hot, take us! Eating is one of our favourite things in the world.  Cakes, sweets, brownies? Get in our bellies. Music is our passion. Dancing to it, playing it, listening to it. Ibiza you say? Meet you there!!


What do you most enjoy about working with each other?

We just have a lot of fun and always have a laugh. Unlike lots of twins, we are VERY similar in personality as well as looks and love doing the same thing. It’s like working with your best friend. We both have the same passion, goals and ambition and are ready for world domination!

Best twin moment to date?

To be fair, we could have been A LOT more cheeky and played up to the whole twin thing a lot more than we have!

We swapped classes when we were younger which was quite funny but all the students knew.

When we went to different Universities, I hadn't met any of Jordan's friends in Bournemouth, so I walked in to a night club pretending I was her and said hello and greeted everybody and then Jordan walked up behind me five minutes later and everyone was like WHAAATTTT!!??!? Priceless reactions!


How do you coordinate yourselves? Who does what?

I guess we both do a bit of everything but we do have our own individual strengths.

I (Loanne) am right handed, so they say I use more of the right side of my brain, I am slightly more organised and practical and business minded whereas Jordan is left handed is slightly more creative in ideas and concepts. We both work well together and bounce off each others ideas.


Where’s your favourite place in the world?

Bali has to be up there with one of the top. Single Fin bar in Uluwatu, hands down best spot in the world! (Our dream DJ spot!) But we also love the Greek islands and Byron Bay!



What's the ultimate essential in your wardrobe right now?

Jordan: My Off white ‘Rarely’ official Tee with a white levis denim skirt

Loanne: It has to be my long silk black dress from &otherstories.

You can dress it up, down and it makes every outfit look slightly more elegant!


Tell us a fun fact about each other

Here's a few ;)
We both grew up in Portugal, speak fluent Portuguese and surf!

Loanne is right handed but eats left handed
Jordan is left handed but eats right handed (Talk about mirror image!!)