Here at Skinnydip HQ, we love to fill our feeds with the ultimate holiday grams! While we're currently in the search for our next vay-cay (as always), we were able to get the low-down with our fave babe, Dominika, about how to nail the perfect travel-gram and what it's like living the influencer lifestyle!

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What’s the secret to balancing travelling and blogging on the go?

Dominika: I still have a full-time job so I must say recently I've been more than busy to keep it all going! But the organisation is definitely a key to success. Also, I've learnt as Social Media Coordinator that planning content in advance is essential, especially when you're running few accounts!  So I usually have all my travels and posts planned in advance. After each trip, I edit all my photos, write all the captions, schedule them using UNUM app and all I do on a daily basis is just post them. I don't have a blog just yet but it's launching soon so I am more than excited!

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Your Insta’ colour scheme is totally on point, what’s key to having the perfect ‘gram?

Dominika: Aww, thank you so much! I've been always trying to keep my content colourful and cheerful as my flamingo personality. As you've probably seen I don't have a single image showing the rain or grey London days. It's all about positivity, good energy and vibrant colours. I also plan my outfits in advance before my trip to make sure they are matching the destination I am travelling to, so it all goes together style and colour-wise. 

How did you get into blogging/Instagramming your life?

Dominika: Since I can remember I've always loved travelling and I would spend my last pennies on a plane ticket (instead of a night out!) even for just a weekend getaway. I've been posting the images from my trips on Instagram not only to share my stories and the most magical places I've seen but also to encourage other people to worry less, travel more and live happily. I would never think my Instagram adventure will take me this far in such a short time! I am so happy and grateful for everything I've experienced so far and excited and curious what @theblondeflamingo future holds!


Who should we be following on Instagram RN?

Dominika: Ohh I love so many IG accounts! I couldn’t write down the proper list in here! But my favourite is definitely the beautiful Leonie from @ohhcouture. I adore her dreamy content! Another favourite is @travel_inhershoes that I luckily got to meet a couple of months ago. She is such an inspiration! I am also a fan of @campsbaygirl Her photographs make me wanna quit my job, buy a plane ticket and never come back!

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What’s on the agenda for the rest of 2017 for you?

Dominika: I just came back from Greece and Morocco. Heading to Italy next in two weeks time. Firstly I am off to Cinque Terre which has been on my bucket list forever and then to Napoli and Amalfi Coast- my favourite place in Europe so far. In August I am travelling to magical Tuscany and in September I am taking my mummy to Mallorca to celebrate her birthday- can't wait for mother & daughter time! Still working on next destinations as I am trying to fit in as many trips as possible but I've got Dubai, Bahamas and Flamingo beach in Aruba in my head for a winter escape. 



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