The girls from BOD are here to make you feel sexy AF this party season! They're taking over our blog today as they become the newest addition to the Skinnydip branded fam!

At BOD, we believe that it’s not about how you look, but how you feel; and with our proven science know-how, BOD brings effective body boosting solutions to your bath time. We want you soft, sculpted and sparkly this season in 3 simple steps:

Step One: Scrub 

Before your pre-party bath, get scrubbing. Dead skin cells and impurities build up on both the surface and deep down in the skin, so our Pink salt acts an exfoliant, leaving it smooth and supple and coconut helps to moisturise the skin, leaving your bod soft and nourished. Our fabulous scrub is fun & functional! We’ve formulated them with glitter to tell you when you’ve scrubbed your bod enough. Rinse when all the product has dissolved and you’re left with only glitter. Remember to work it babe, till only glitter remains!

Step Two: Sweat

Time to get in the tub babe. Adding BOD Salts to your bath helps drive out sweat and toxins through diffusion, a process which naturally happens when your body is submerged in hot and highly concentrated solutions. Dependent on each babe, you can eliminate anything up to 3lbs of unnecessary water retention from your bod in just one 20-minute bath…. #ditchthespanx

Step Three: Sculpt 

Get those pins party ready for #MermaidGoals. Our sorbet is full of effective ingredients to instantly hydrate, leaving skin supple and smooth, and our added sparkle gives skin that extra glow. So, get Sexy AF with BOD this festive season…because the only drama we want is in our bathtub babe!

All you gotta do now is glow babes! Shop BOD online now!