Dreamy OOTD's and #WishYouWereHere hol pics to make you mega jel, @sineadcrowe is one to get on your feed for ultimate style inspo. We got the inside info from this Insta babe...

You’ve woken up late! What’s your ultimate fail safe outfit?

This is a funny one because I would always have said blue jeans white tee but now it's probably a cami, oversized cardigan and jeans with my supergas! I'm literally a cami/cardigan ADDICT right now!

I created my blog because…

I had just started styling freelance and wanted something I could put on my CV to show potential clients the kind of work I can do! I had originally started it as a portfolio but as I was working in e commerce styling I was unable to use any of the imagery! So a blog it was!

Top tip for having a (heart eye emoji) Insta’ like yours? #Goals

Have fun, don't try too hard and be consistent!!! It's all about picking a style of image and sticking to it! Even if it's just editing them all in the same way, consistency is 100% the way forward!

Who else must we get following on Insta?

My absolute favourite people to follow are @pepamack and @andicsinger I love their sense of style and the imagery is insane! My fave UK girl is @lucyflorals. Such a babe and her wardrobe are TO DIE!

How would you describe your style?

Boring! I always think I have the most boring style!!! I'd say it's very clean, simple and feminine. 

Which fashion trend do you absolute LOVE this season?

Basket bags. My collection is slowly growing and I've literally tossed all of my expensive bags to the side since spring and all I've been wearing are basket bags!

Summer lovin’, where’s your dream holiday destination?

Barbados OR Aruba. I'm desperate to swim with pigs or flamingos! Either will do! OR St Lucia actually ... or the Maldives!? Too many!

No outfit is complete without…

Jewellery! I never used to wear it but seriously it makes the look! Accessorising is KEY

What’s been your Insta’/Blog career highlight so far?

Probably the other day getting an email from the board of tourism for the Cayman Islands inviting me to visit. I'm so so in shock still! I go in July and I cannot wait!

Fave song to get you up in the morn?

Definitely Hailee Steinfeld - Starving! It was on constantly when I was travelling and reminds me SO much of being away with my boyfriend it always brings a smile to my face!!! I never really listen to the radio actually so I'm super behind with whats in the charts!



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