Wanna get to know some of the fabulous faces working behind the scenes at Skinnydip HQ? We caught up with some of the team at our pretty pink head offices in Primrose Hill to talk style inspo, celebrity crushes & their latest Skinnydip obsessions. Meet Cat, our Accessories Designer who's known for being able to see into the future, basically our very own version of Mystic Meg (she writes your SD monthly horoscopes!) and is also a massive lover of a good ole' Brunch date.

What’s does an average day at Skinnydip look like in the life of Cat?

I am pretty bad with emails and spreadsheets so I try to get those out the way in the morning so I can design the whole afternoon. Also I think planning my snacks is also really important. I don't know what it is about office work that makes me SO HUNGRY!

How did you get into designing?

I studied design at Central Saint Martins, but tbh I didn't learn much there. I used to always make things but it wasn't until I got a job in a little design shop in Brighton that I learnt how to use Illustrator. Now I literally dream in Illustrator.

What’s your favourite design you’ve ever worked on?

It used to be the 'I Love Buffets' pin I made for ASOS which not many people were into, but as a big lover of buffets, I was majorly backing it lol. Now I think it's the 'Party Like A Prawn Star' or 'Gindependent Woman' card. I love those!

Describe your Instagram feed in 3 words?

PLZ FOLLOW ME (this is really desperate?) (p.s. it's @catlobo).

You get to have to have brunch with your girl/boy crush, who would it be and what would you eat?

My crush is Amber Rose and we'd go for breakfast burritos.

What handbag essentials couldn’t you live without?

A tote bag. I'm not really a handbag kinda gal and I don't know anything about designer bags, but I do use the pink Skinnydip tote bag every day.

It’s your BFF’s bday, what Skinnydip items do you get them?

Well, my friends are constantly asking me for phone cases and bags, but as I'm Skinnydip's Resident Stationery Designer they'll be getting the pink velvet notebook (my fave) and probably one of our agenda's which will be coming out soon! SHHHHHH

Lightning round! 

  • Pizza or Salad? is this legit?!
  • Fave Disney character? I'm not really into Disney tbh
  • Drake or Nicki Minaj? ooooo Drake.
  • Valencia or Juno on Insta? HUDSON! it's all about Hudson. 
  • Vacation or Staycation? Vacation and ONLY somewhere that has a beach and/or a water park. I'm not about a city break. 
  • Clueless or Mean Girls. Mean Girls 100%! 

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