Faces of Skinnydip | Concessions Coordinator | Skinnydip London
How did you get into your job and what did you study?
I studied Fashion Marketing at Northampton University and have always wanted to work in something to do with fashion. I’ve had several jobs within retail including visual merchandising roles where I looked after concessions which I loved, so this got me interested in working on a concessions team! ✨
What does a day as a Concession Coordinator look like?
Every day of the week is different! Our role involves everything to do with overseeing all of the concessions we have within Topshop/Outfit stores, this includes communicating with staff and stores, monitoring figures, store visits and creating monthly visual merchandising guidelines.
What's your favourite part of working at Skinnydip?
Having the opportunity to travel to different stores 📍 as well as assisting with the setup of new concessions and stores, also my Team!
Faces of Skinnydip | Concessions Coordinator | Skinnydip London
What are your current Skinnydip obsessions?
Obsessing over the slogan t-shirts anything to do with food/dogs I’m sold. Also loving the new fluffy Lyla bags! So cute I can’t deal!
What are your go-to accessories?
My go-to accessory is always a cute cross body! Also currently very into headbands/ hair clips 🎀
⚡ Lightning Round⚡
Night in or night out?
Night out (But not out out 💅)
Summer or winter?
Texting or talking?
Sweet or savoury?
Cats or dogs?
Dogs every time