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How did you get into your job and what did you study?
I studied English with Linguistics at Nottingham Trent (big up the Trent army) because I never knew exactly what I wanted to do, but knew I loved reading and writing so thought I may as well do this course. Over university, I developed more interest in fashion, and after watching too many episodes of The Hills, decided I wanted to be in PR and journalism. After 47832947 unpaid internships at fashion magazines, PR houses, and lots of tears to my mum asking to lend me a tenner, I got a job in a PR agency in Oxford. I then went onto another PR agency, where I really started to discover I loved events. I’ve always been very organised, and loved a party, so events seemed a natural fit for me.
What does a day as an Events and Special Projects Manager look like?
It sounds cliché, but every day is so different. A typical day where I’m sat at my desk all day sees me going through emails, checking out other brands’ events on social, planning marketing decks for big collaborations and having meetings about how we can amplify our brand to the next level with events that excite and inspire consumers and influencers. Event days can be a little more hectic, with everyone on the team pulling together to get the last-minute details ready before the big event – I like to have everything sorted the day before to make room for the last-minute disasters… trust me, they always crop up.
What's your favourite part of working at Skinnydip?
The people are all absolute mega babes who I feel inspired by every day. I also love the Hate Sucks platform, as it really advocates empowerment, inclusion and challenging perspectives. It allows me to talk about causes and issues that I’m personally interested in and learn more about communities and issues that I’m not as well versed on. I think it gives Skinnydip a really unique edge, and we are genuinely dedicated to spreading positivity as a brand as well as selling amazing products.
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What are your current Skinnydip obsessions?
I LOVE all the hair clips and hair bands, and I can’t say no to the jewellery at the moment. The designs are next level.
What are your go-to accessories?
Love a cute little necklace, especially when it’s layered. Also I never ever take off all of my rings, I’d feel naked without them.
⚡ Lightning Round⚡
Night in or night out?
Nights in can sometimes turn into nights out, so let’s go with that.
Summer or winter?
Summer, duh.
Texting or talking?
Sweet or savoury?
Savoury. Give me crisps over chocolate any day.
Cats or dogs?
I love how sassy cats are but got to admit I’m a dog person.