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How did you get into your job and what did you study?

I’ve always been interested in fashion, but I went to Newcastle Uni to study English Lit, History and Media & Communication because I was worried I might end up hating fashion if I studied it. But by the end of my degree I knew I wanted to live that fashunnn life, so I decided to stay in the toon for another year to do a Masters in Fashion Management at Northumbria Uni. I then went back to my wee hometown of Edinburgh and worked as a Social Media Exec for a creative design agency for two years. I had a savage year of applying for every fashion job in London and was about to give up all hope until I saw the position of Social Media & Events Assistant advertised on the Skinnydip website and I knew I had to apply. I sent my CV in for the position alongside a ‘pitch’ doc I created which had an example social plan, event ideas and blog posts (it sounds so lame, but I knew I had to make an impact). Luckily my efforts paid off and I was offered the position. There have been a few team updates since then and I now work on Events & Press, which is fabulous.

What does a day as an Events and Press Assistant look like?

Oh man, every day is so different tbh but as they say, variety is the spice of life and I bloody love it. I’ll always check my emails in the morning when I get in and then set myself up with jobs to work on that day. One day I could be looking at quotes for a candy floss machine for a store event, purchasing balloons (I swear my work life revolves around balloons), or dealing with press requests from publications or stylists, the next day I could be helping Louisa (our Events & Special Projects Manager) on a marketing dec for a big collaboration! And then for event days, I’ll be getting stuck in with the rest of the team to make sure everything sorted before the event gets started.  

What's your favourite part of working at Skinnydip?

The people! Everyone in the office is such a HUN and so much fun. I also love all the events I get to work on. Honestly, when I look back on all the incredible stuff I’ve done whilst working here like the Skinnydip Clubhouse, our float in London Pride Parade & the Swim Society launch event it just makes me so happy & grateful to say I’ve been a part of it.

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What are your current Skinnydip obsessions?

I’m really loving all our sunglasses atm, they’re so fun & getting me READY for summer! I also just bought this card holder and I love it so much, it’s so cyoot! 

What are your go-to accessories?

I wear my silver rings every single day, they’re really special to me as I’ve bought a lot of them when I’ve been on holiday/my travels! Oh, and I also always wear my silver K initial necklace and silver crescent moon necklace. I feel naked AF when I don’t have them on.

⚡ Lightning Round⚡

Night in or night out?

Night out – I love the whole getting ready with your girls’ part

Summer or winter?

Is this a serious question? Summer OBVSSSS

Texting or talking?


Sweet or savoury?

Sweet, I have SUCH a sweet tooth, it’s the worst!

Cats or dogs?

Dogs, forever and ever and ever