It’s that time of year again – award ceremony time! Eee! This year we’re obviously rooting for our baes Beyonce and Emma Stone to win big across the boards, but let’s get into the real competition – the FEELIN’ MA-SELF awards. To prep, let’s countdown our fave looks throughout the years from the chicas who are always repping personality in their style….


Who: Cher

When: The Oscars, 1988

Why we love it: DO YOU BELIEVE IN LIFE AFTER THIS OUTFIT?! No, ‘cos the original icon slayed it so everyone else go home and cry about being basic. Imagine the meeting with the designer – Cher: ‘I want feathers, diamonds, flesh, a cape!’ Designer: ‘Say no more.’ To add that she also won the Best Actress gong…SLOW CLAPPING WHILST CRYING AND WHISPERING YAS QUEEN TO YOURSELF.


Who: Lil Kim

When: MTV VMA’s 1999

Why we love it: The wig, the nipple pasty, the coordinated platforms and shell shoulder sticker– gurl is feeling herself, and we are feeling her. This is what Ariel would have worn if she had realised Eric was a dope and hit the club with Scuttle (the real star of that film). People called her a hoochie, this outfit says kiss my coochie bitches #sass


Who: Bjork

When: The Oscars, 2001

Why we love it: Arriving at the awards in the infamous swan dress, Bjork received worldwide ridicule for this creation as she sauntered in front of the media pretending to lay a real egg, and became the last word in red-carpet outfit fails. However, 16 years on and the dress is still a conversation piece, which has since appeared at MoMA in NYC, and Valentino produced a similar design in 2014, proving that following your personal style and identity will outlast any ‘cute’ dress. Haters can stuff it.


Who: Lady Gaga

When: MTV VMA’s 2010

Why we love it: ‘Hey Gaga, wanna go out for dinner?’ ‘Sorry I can’t, I’m working on my meat dress and still need to finish the fascinator.’ It’s just bonkers, but the then queen of pop wore the dress as a political statement regarding the treatment of gay soldiers in the military, and we support any sister who speaks out for human rights.


Who: Nicki Minaj

When: Grammy’s 2011

Why we love it: When Minaj goes for a look, she just f**king commits, all caution is covered in glitter and probably rum and then thrown to the wind - you have to admire that. Go big or go home! The pink lip is an added dose of YEAAAHHHH!