The upcoming bank holiday means you have 3 whole days of freedom, hooray! Three days to try and fit in as many activities as you physically can, woo! The only downside is that may mean burning a hole in your pocket when it comes to cash flow... but what if we told you that this doesn’t have to be the case? 
We've done all the leg work for you when it comes down to sussing what fun things are happening this bank holiday weekend. No matter where you are, we've found the the best free activities that will turn your frown upside-down, free of charge! Enjoy babes (:


Shake those hips all the way to Notting Hill Carnival
Notting Hill Carnival | Bank Holiday Weekend | Skinnydip London
Once a year, close to one million people line the streets of Notting Hill to celebrate the beauty of Caribbean culture, and if you love to party and shake your stuff, this is the place to be. From flamboyant costumes to colourful floats, prepare to let your hair down and shake that booty to all the traditional music. Now we’ve got you interested here’s the deets… The 2018 Notting Hill Carnival will begin at 4AM on Sunday the 26th of August and ends at 3AM on Monday the 27th of August! See you there! 
Lose yourself in Sky Garden’s spectacular views
Sky Garden | Bank Holiday Weekend | Skinnydip London
What’s better than a sky-high view of our beautiful capital city? Nothing we tell ya! Wander around London’s highest public gardens and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. You can go for the views, or you can go for the experience, but filling up your insta with bundles of gorgeous-ness is a must!


 Williamson Tunnels, Liverpool

Williamson Tunnels | Bank Holiday Weekend | Skinnydip London
Interested to learn what lies beneath Liverpool? It may sound spooky, but the Williamson Tunnels provide a fascinating discovery into the underground world created by Joseph Williamson. No one knows why it was created but why not visit and create your own theory?
 Wander the beautiful streets of Bath
City of Bath | Bank Holiday Weekend | Skinnydip London
Follow a local tour guide around Bath, visit the main sights in the city centre and learn all there is to know about the history of the area in just two hours. Sound like a bit of you? To get involved simply meet your guide outside the entrance to the Roman Baths and Pump Room in Abbey Church Yard and prepare to roam the beautiful city that is Bath.


Chill out at Bute Park

Bute Park | Bank Holiday Weekend | Skinnydip London
If the weather’s looking good, Bute Park is one to visit. With a beautiful array of trees and grasslands, feel free to have a picnic in the park with your girl gang, take a stroll around the peaceful River Taff or simply indulge in some people watching. Want to do more? You’re only a short walk from Cardiff Castle and the city centre so it’s a win win.
 Hit the Barafundle Bay
Barafundle Bay | Bank Holiday Weekend | Skinnydip London
If only you could spend your bank hols on a beautiful beach with sand between your toes and crystal-clear waters… Well now you can, weather permitting of course. We’ve found a real gem and it may just be one of the most beautiful beaches in Wales. So, dig out your bikini, slap on some sunscreen and get ready for some grammable’ shots because we refuse to believe that summer’s over.


Smell the roses at the Botanic Gardens Botanic Gardens | Bank Holiday Weekend | Skinnydip London
Ever dreamt of spending a day in a tropical rainforest but always wondered how you’d ever afford it? (us too) Well here’s your chance! Belfast has its very own botanic garden housing a range of exotic plants, ferns and fruit trees. Interested? Get yourself down there this bank hols!
 Step into the past at the Ulster Museum
Ulster Museum | Bank Holiday Weekend | Skinnydip London
Come face to face with a dinosaur, examine an Egyptian mummy and uncover some absolute masterpieces on your visit to the Ulster Museum. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve visited every corner of the world, but best part is you didn’t even have to pay for a flight. Sound like it would float your boat?


Okay so we know it's not a bank holiday for you guys, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get to enjoy some weekend fun!

Take a trip to The Kelpies at The Helix
Kelpies | Bank Holiday Weekend | Skinnydip London
Got some spare time to stop and stare? Well we’ve found the perfect place for just that. Helix Park is home to the largest and most impressive horse sculptures in the world. Fancy taking a picnic to nibble on as you admire their beauty or simply there to snap for the gram? Either way be prepared for this breath-taking experience.
 Cast a spell or two on this Harry Potter trail tour
Harry Potter Tour | Bank Holiday Weekend | Skinnydip London
Prepare to embark on the most magical journey of your life so far and have the chance to see where Harry Potter really began. From trips down Diagon Alley to getting your moment under the sorting hat, you’ll uncover a lot on this secret adventure. But just in case you were wondering, all muggles ARE welcome and even better you don’t have to book! Now that must be magic.