Hate Sucks Podcast | Beauty & Gender | Skinnydip London
Hey yall! It’s that time again ... Our newest Hate Sucks episode is live and we’re just itching to get the conversation started. So, what’s on the menu? Well, this week we’re chatting all about gender expression and we brought in you tuber, Lewys Ball to discuss how he’s made his mark in the digital world through exploring his identity.
Hate Sucks Podcast | Lewys Ball | Skinnydip London
“Beauty is not gender specific”
Fast forward to 2018 and the beauty world has had a serious glow up. From a smear of blue bourjois eyeshadow, a lick of clear mascara and a cakey layering of dream matte mousse, our concept of makeup has seriously changed. Today, it’s all about achieving the perfect smokey eye, contouring to create definition and baking to set your foundation flawlessly – all skills in which Lewys’ makeup channel can teach you. But why are some people still finding it difficult to accept that boys can wear makeup too?
Hate Sucks Podcast | Beauty & Gender | Skinnydip London
“How can a piece of fabric be assigned to one gender?”
In today’s society being identified as a boy or girl still means obeying the traditional stereotypes. Blue for boys and pink for girls. Men are macho, and women are delicate flowers. Everything about these statements have been etched into our memories from birth, but why? Why are we made to feel that being different from these stereotypes really is a problem? Well, Lewys along with many others are slaying these traditions and showing us the era of a ‘new normal’, where expressing your true self is the best option.
Hate Sucks Podcast | Lewys Ball | Skinnydip London
“The more hate that’s thrown at you, the easier it is to take it”
Being a YouTube personality certainly has its challenges and your self-esteem can really take a battering. It’s fact: whether you like it or not your life becomes open to comment and criticism. But Lewys has learnt to deal with it like a champ, he’s grown and learnt to laugh rather than obsess over the hate. He’s bossing life and his success as a youtuber is beyond inspirational.
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