Welcome back babe! We’ve just uploaded the 5th episode of our Hate Sucks podcast and we’re here to get the conversation started. This week’s release takes a peek into the world of coding. A world known stereotypically as a ‘boys club’ and equally an intimidating environment to the female sex. So, we met up with Anisah, founder of 23 Code Street, to chat about getting more women into code.
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“To say I have the knowledge to create stuff actually gives me a lot of credibility when I walk into a room”
With only 17% of females employed in the tech sector and 1 in 6 girls leaving school to pursue a career in tech, you best believe that a change has got to come. But how will we make it happen? Well, our extremely talented guest, Anisah, has set up just the plan and 23 Code Street is working its magic slowly but surely. She’s created a company dedicated to challenging the status quo through creating a safe space for women to learn code. And what’s even more amazing is that with every paying student who enrols, they teach digital skills to women in India. Talk about power to the women, right?
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“When you don’t have someone to look up to, you don’t know what you could be”
Today’s society is so fixated on the talents of men in coding that women are rarely splashed across the front pages to celebrate their success in the industry.  But with more badass females beginning to dominate the screen in geeky tech roles, is there a possibility that more of us gals will become more interested in the industry? Anisah was a real advocate for this saying that by giving girls a role model to look up to, they’re learning of another career path option to follow. So that being said, will you be the next Karlie Kloss of coding?
23 Code Street Quote | Blog Posts | Skinnydip London“Coding isn’t just about maths and science, it’s an art”
A lot of us gals aren’t aware of the many different sides to development, but thanks to Anisah, we can safely say that it’s not just about maths and science guys. There’s a creative side, a side which will make something fly across your screen, burst with colour or make your creation look a certain way. So, consider the myth of needing to be a super genius in maths completely stamped on and get involved gals. Because coding is the future…
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