Hi Huns, we’re back again with another episode of our Hate Sucks podcast! This week we’re chatting to the fabulous Scarlett Curtis, the curator of the amazing ‘Feminist Don’t Wear Pink’ book. Talking all about female friendship, feminism, what it means to her and many different women, we chat to Scarlett to explore why there’s still a long way to go before we achieve equality!
Scarlett Curtis is a young woman and feminist activist and is ready to revolutionise the way people perceive feminists in her new book. She’s worked with Vogue, ELLE and The Sunday Times contributing as a columnist, representing Generation Z by giving them a new voice of intelligence, comedy and one that’s ready to be heard and not shunned.
So, what is feminism?
The definition of Feminism is very simple: it’s about respecting diverse women’s experiences, identities, knowledge and strengths to empower all women to realise their full potential. It’s about striving to have the same equal opportunities in life as men.
So, why is it that feminists are still tarnished with the negative stereotype of aggressive, male-hating women who want to destroy all feminine ideals?
“Feminists “didn’t shave their legs (My favourite form of exercise). They didn’t like boys (my favourite type of humans) and most importantly, feminists didn’t wear pink. And pink is my favourite colour.”
The word feminism is now a word that has so much baggage, a word that creates fear, anger and panic eye rolls. But why?
Tune in to our new podcast and find how this movement applies to you and hear more from Scarlett below;