Welcome back babe! The 7th episode of our Hate Sucks podcast is live and ready to grace your ears. This week’s release discusses diversity in creative industries and the work that still needs to be done. It is no secret that the creative world can be a daunting place but imagine trying to step into that world and facing closed doors because of the colour of your skin. We met up with Leyya and Roshni, co-founders of the award-winning platform The Other Box, to delve into their experiences as women of colour in the creative industry and the incredible work they are doing to get all voices heard.
“Our skin colour is not a trend for companies to pick and choose when they think it is valuable”

It’s clear that companies are trying to be more representative in what they put out, however much of the time it comes across as offensive or culturally ignorant. Why is that? As Leyya and Roshni highlight, it’s because the creative industries are lacking in people of colour behind the scenes. These people have grown up in different cultures and have lived through discrimination. These are the people that should be creating and voicing the campaigns. The Other Box is not only working towards a more diverse industry, it’s helping people accept who they are entirely. Amazing right?

“By creating The Other Box it’s given people the platform to say ‘I matter"

Social media gives everyone a voice to make a difference and that’s what’s happening more and more. Of course we’re always going to look up to Queen B and Ri Ri for inspiration at times, but social media gives us role models that are not so out of reach. The Other Box and its founders are true advocates of this, showing us that anyone and everyone can achieve success no matter what path they want to follow. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by the amazing creative community at The Other Box and follow your dreams!

“The Other Box tells the stories instead of filling a quota or ticking a box”

Many people still aren’t aware of the struggles that people of colour go through, not just in the workplace but in their day to day life as well. The Other Box is a place of diversity and education; it’s one more step towards a more accepting, representative society. We love the work that Leyya and Roshni have done at The Other Box and know that you will too! Check them out for yourselves and get involved with the community!

Interested to hear more from Leyya and Roshni about The Other Box? Listen to our exclusive podcast with them on the links below!