Hate Sucks Podcast Episode 2 | Skinnydip London
Welcome to the 2nd episode of our Hate Sucks Podcast! The home of positive discussion, where we aim to talk about a magnitude of different topics some may not fully understand. This week’s episode is all about the amazingly flamboyant and expressive world of drag! And who better to talk to then two of the most incredible drag queens on the scene right now, so here’s just a snippet of what your ears have got to look forward to!
Cheddar Gorgeous | Skinnydip London
‘Drag brings you closer to yourself, it’s an extension of your personality not a disguise’
So what actually is drag? A word that’s quickly become a normal part of our everyday vocabulary. Some of you may be thinking it’s simply playing dress-up, but we spoke to the incredibly beautiful and damn straight fabulous queens Cheddar Gorgeous and Anna Phylactic to give their say, and talk about what drag means to them.
Anna Phylactic | Skinnydip London
‘It’s like putting on a super-hero persona, when the suit goes on so does your confidence’
 Cheddar’s best known for her unicorn loving, alien addicted beauty who first trained as a social worker and after facing personal struggles, later turned to drag as ways of rediscovering her own confidence. Next comes Anna, who uses sculptures and characters as her form of drag, and damn does she do it well! Fun fact: the inspo behind her simple but clever name was made from the night club event ‘after shock’. Anna Phylactic. Anaphylactic Shock. Get it?
Ru Paul's Drag Race | Skinnydip London
‘It’s not about putting something on, it’s about pulling something out’
Our two guests shut down all the rumours about drag queens, discuss gender and drag in more depth and touch on the celebrity influence (obvs Ru Paul included) and inevitably talk all about what’s to come in this amazingly fun and colourful world of drag.
Whilst we don’t want to give too much away, if you want to find out more go listen to our podcast now using the links below and make your ears happy!