Greetings fellow podcasters! We’re back again for another in-depth discussion as the third episode of our brand-new Hate Sucks Podcast is now officially live. So what tough topic did we tackle this week? *insert dramatic drum roll here* Well, we talked all things cancer and shouted about our boobs, vaginas and vulva's from the rooftops (and we weren’t embarrassed to do so!). From spotting the dreaded signs of the c word to dealing with the fallout of a cancer diagnosis, we were joined by the amazing Lauren Mahon and Karen Hobbs who bravely spoke all out about their journey pre and post diagnosis.
“In The UK, 58 women are diagnosed with a form of gynaecological cancer every single day and over 150 women are diagnosed with breast cancer daily”
So why aren’t women checking their boobs regularly? Why aren’t they going to those all-important smear tests? And why do they often find themselves afraid to utter the word ‘vagina’ to their doctor, let alone get checked out? Well, when Lauren found a lump, aged 31, she thought a cancer diagnosis was impossible and felt that getting checked out was necessary but not urgent. The results confirmed her worst fear and made her realise just how out of touch she was with her body.
“I don’t think people realise once you’ve had cancer you’re never cancer free, it’s becomes part of your tapestry”
Karen’s cervical cancer diagnosis, aged 25, left her attempting to learn everything about her gynaecological system overnight. She realised quite quickly there was no one to give her a blunt reflection of what she was about to face, and like Lauren, she made it her mission to talk about cancer like it was a real-life episode of EastEnders. This is where her story as a blogger, campaign ambassador and all-round bearer of the good, bad and ugly as a cancer sufferer and survivor began.
“As humans we don’t like talking about death”
Sadly, we live in a society too prudish to talk about checking our bits and bobs that we’d rather suffer in silence, than find out what’s really going on. There’s a fear that we’ll be judged, embarrassed or given the news that no one wants to hear. Cancer sucks but life doesn’t stand still, and you certainly don’t stop living it. Lauren and Karen are proof of that! Go get drunk on a night out, have lots of sex and eat as many double cheeseburgers as your heart desires. Just don’t be afraid to talk about it and let it all out!
Cancer is claiming lives as we speak and unfortunately this is the reality so many face every day. So, get talking, get to know your body and don’t be embarrassed to talk to your doctor if you think something’s wrong. You might just save your life.
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