Spontaneous trip


    Time to get away. Book a trip away and let off some steam for a few days with some friends, as a baecation or solo whatever you do take the time to relax and enjoy the surroundings, oh and get cute pics! 

    Pamper yourself

    Run yourself a bath, light some candles, put some music on and your fave face masks.

    Get pampered professionally

      Fancy being looked after for the day? Get your nails done and feel instantly cuter. Nail Club is the perfect place to sit back relax and get those cuticles in order, you'll leave feeling new AF and not afraid to hide your claws. 

      Chill with your friends

        Get your besties together and do something new together. Plan a day out or a cute couple of hours together. It's amazing what being around people you love can do to a sh*tty mood. Hit up an art gallery, have breakfast totally insta worthy restaurant, catch a movie or get your nails done, whatever you do make sure it involves lots of laughs. 

        Shopping experience

        Switch up your normal shopping routine and step your comfort zone. Changing your style can be scary but its a new year so f**k it what have you got to lose? Maybe try personal shopper and let someone do the work for you while you sit back and sip some bubbly. 

        Hit the gym

        If you look good you feel good. Get motivated and hit the gym this Feb. Put on your fave playlist full of feel-good bangers that get you in the zone and through that session. Then treat yourself to a super healthy smoothie and reap the benefits of the rock hard abs you're about to get.

        Dinner and drinks


        Treat your self! Go to your favourite restaurant with your besties or bae and enjoy your fave food and drink. Plus you'll get some super cute pictures that'll leave you feeling fabulous!