*New term* *New Me* We've all heard it before babes, but this time you're gonna make it happen. Whether you're starting university or walking into a new job, you need to make sure your sh*t gets organised. Here at HQ, we've put together the ultimate girl boss guide which is guaranteed to make you shine.
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Set yourself weekly/monthly and yearly goals

Setting goals is the key to success (trust us). Whether you've got money to save or a promotion at work, setting goals will be your perfect motivator. List them where you can see them, give yourself realistic times frames and you'll be making your way up in no time!


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Get yourself a Daily Planner

This one's a giver - get yourself a journal. Dinner dates, assessments, hand-ins and vaycays, these are all important dates that every babe should keeping track of!

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You can say No

Serious. Make some time for you! Remember you're the GIRLBOSS!

Don't push through tasks and give yourself mini-breaks

No one likes working through anything for 5 hours. Keep yourself feeling refreshed and motivated and take mini breaks between tasks!

Reward yourself because you're slaying it, babe!

Lastly, always make time for yourself. Remember work hard, play hard IS key. Always give yourself rewards between goals and always look back at what you've achieved! Whether it's an exam or a sign-off at work, you are your own motivator!

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