Ok, so you want to try a bold lip but you're scared you'll end up looking a little draggy? Don't fear! We've put together a guide to wearing a range of bold lips and how to compliment them with the rest of your look.



Red, it can take your outfit from a 5 to a 10 like that! Pair with a neutral eyeshadow or a fierce feline flick and you're ready to go! Try to stay away from darker / heavier eyeshadow  to avoid overdoing it. Fashion wise, you can’t go wrong with denim, a cute pair of mom jeans and a white top will complement the red perfectly. An all-black outfit with a red lip will spice it up perfectly!




Neutral, Neutral, Neutral! Hot pink is super bold and will be the main focus, neutral clothing and eye shadow is a must or if you're really out there some cute print which ties in the pink. Whatever you do be ready to serve looks! 




The orange lip arrived last year and we hope it never leaves! It looks great as a bold statement with a neutral outfit or for a full-on summertime vibe with clashing colours galorreee! If Riri makes it we are DEFINITELY going to wear it.



Let your inner vamp out and go to the dark side! Dark on dark is definitely a vibe, dark lips on a smokey dark eye is perfect for your night out or when you just want to be dramatic AF. 



Because who can say no to glitter? Swap the eye shadow, for matching glitter eyeliner to be a walking disco ball. Have some concealer to hand to clean up the edges and you're good to go babes! 


 Now you've got the inspo it's time to get bold with it! We believe in you!