It's the best day of the year - International Women's Day! A day to celebrate the kick ass things women do everyday, from raising awareness about important issues, slaying the business game, or just being the best gal pals you could hope for - today is deffo a day for celebration!

We've listed five of our fave babes at the moment, all doing amazing things and making us feel proud to call ourselves women. Let us know who your top babes are!  


Can we all just a hot minute to appreciate the perfection of Zendaya? A super talented actress and singer, Zendaya is the star of some of our fave flicks of the past year (we have The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat). But she also uses her voice to raise awareness for things that matter, whether it's racial injustice or letting her fans know that they don't have to perfect, we have SO MUCH time for this lady. 


Since Kesha's explosion on the pop scene with the catchy TiK ToK (which was the anthem of our college days), a lot has gone down. The recent years have seen Kesha put everything on the line to stand up for what is right, and has become an idol for so many women around the world. A strong, confident and empowered woman (who has one hell of a voice) - Kesha, we love you! 


Emma's been busy since slaying the screen as Hermione Granger. From fulfilling our childhood dreams playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast, to being the most vocal celebrity voice about feminism and women's rights, Emma is a force to be reckoned with. Our 11 year old selves are so proud of her. 


One of the most inspiring young women ever, Malala Yousafzai resisted the intimidating violence of the Taliban and continued fighting for her right to an education. Even being shot didn't stop her, and she is now an Oxford student and a Nobel Peace Prize Winner. We would totally recommend reading her amazing book 'I Am Malala' - she'll be your hero in no time. 


CEO of one of our fave new beauty brands Glossier, Emily is the woman transforming skincare and beauty, one pink bubble bag at a time. You may have seen her back in the day as killer intern in The Hills, but these days she's tearing up boardrooms and inspiring women to be their very own CEO. Emily, you're a powerhouse.

Let us know who your fave female idols are @SkinnydipLondon <3