Love Island is over 😪! That’s right gals, our summer time obsession is coming to an end for another year (cries!) and over here at Skinnydip, it’s all we’ve been talking about. If you’re as obsessed as we are, don’t panic, we got you!
 We’ve put together a sassy af Love Island Survival Kit including our 10 favourite moments from the series, to help us reminisce when we’re struggling with life after Love Island. Here you go!

 Montana Eating her way through the series

Montana eating her way through the series until dreamboat Alex turned up. So don’t panic girls, she’s living proof you can eat your way through life and still get your prince charming.

love island

Marcel in Blazing Squad

Did you know Marcel is a member of the Blazin’ Squad? Well we do, and we legit love him for it!


Chris & Kem rapping is one of the big reasons we tune in to watch! Stormzy may be their no. 1 fan, but he needs to watch his back with these two around. Do we smell a collab?

kem chris love island

*Chris’s rapping in general is just life! Especially when he’s just trying to ease the tension – what a babe!

chris love island

‘I’m just like a polar bear’  … what a way to avoid a serious convo. We feel you Chris!

love island twitter reactions

Ambers (relatable) facial expressions

These facial expressions tho. Amber gives us feels on a daily basis. We couldn’t have put it better our selves!


We learnt New words

Olivia introducing us to the ground-breaking term that is ‘dick sand’ – it explains so much! BEWARE OF THE DICKSAND GALS!

olivia sand love island

"Muggy Mike"

Another great line from our bae Chris.

muggy mike love island

We love Camilla!

Well damn Camilla! She took us by surprise and did the deed with Jamie. Yasss girl!

Camilla love island

and the winning moment...

When Olivia got her heel stuck in the decking. We watched this on repeat. Just LOL!

love island heel olivia

Shop our Love Island Survival kit below for the key things you need when reminiscing and getting through the rest of your summer, and be sure to check out our Love Island Spotify playlist to keep you going!