Hands up if there’s nothing more you love than a good Instagram stalk every now and then 🙋 and if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that we’re all guilty of it! Whether your attempting to make yourself super snoozy before bed or using your time on the commute home wisely as hell, social media is life these days. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to have a little look around our new collab star Maggie Lindemann’s feed to give you an insight into what this mega-babe is all about!
She likes the colour black just as much as we do
Now if there’s one colour we can always rely on, it’s black. Hiding a multitude of sins (and endless doughnuts and sweet treats obvs), our girl Maggie loves a staple piece of black clothing just as much as we do! A common theme you’ll see running throughout her whole feed and a theme we strongly support!

She doesn't take herself too seriously 

She’s all for having a laugh, being silly and not taking herself too seriously. She showcases her gothic, glam and goofy side all over her feed. Most importantly she’s honest with her fans and followers, especially on Twitter as she uses as a platform to inform her fans and followers about the struggles she faces in daily life. From anxiety to depression you cannot fault her openness, it takes a lot to publicise your own experiences online when you have a following of nearly 500k, and we salute you girl!
She’s a foodie
She’s quite literally obsessed with Sushi (no pun intended). I mean she even made sure that a table full of it was featured in her newest music video for her latest single Obsessed. With the caption to her carb-loaded insta post being ‘working on doing better’ we feel you Maggie… errrryyy single day – now pass us the pasta.
She’s all for a good throwback
She might be a chart-topping superstar, but she’s still fully committed to what’s real and important in life and that’s her family. Regularly posting throwbacks to her younger days, we love seeing this side of Maggie’s life, especially when the old school video dates make us feel nostalgic AF!
She’s got some pretty cool tattoos
She’s got a bunch of super cool tattoos, with some really insightful and deep meanings behind them. Last year she opened up about her bipolar disorder and how some of her tatt’s are inspired by a video by poet Shane Koyczan. She stressed how much his words really helped her through the other side when she was going through some really rough times and that’s why her tattoo’s mean so much to her, which we think is pretty awesome!
She loves a good film reference
So it’s definitely clear that Maggie loves Netflix and Chillin’ just as much as the rest of us. With insta posts including films like August Rush, Edward Scissorhands and Mr & Mrs Smith to name a few… she relates to films often and we do too. I mean every girl wishes they could be as fierce as Catwomen for a day, right?