Mum’s are the ultimate #girlbosses and in honour of Mother’s Day, we’re looking to the silver screen for our fave fictional Mommas.

Mrs. George: Mean Girls

She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom! How could we not feature the Mean Girls Icon and arguably Amy Poehler’s best role. Maker of mocktails, safe sex promotor and basically the creator of #humpday, it’s hard to understand why Regina was such a bitch to her. AND her pink juicy tracksuits are so on trend for SS17.

Fiona Aka The Evil Stepmother - A Cinderella Story

So her intentions aren’t that great but she’s f***in’ hilarious. She wears pink PVC in everyday situations and if that isn’t role model worthy I don’t know what is. She’s the mum you love to hate and a universal warning of botox gone wrong (you know the scene we’re talking about).

Rachel Flax - Mermaids

It’s no secret we love Cher here at Skinnydip HQ, which is why we couldn’t leave her portrayal of Mrs. Flax from the the list. Rachel is a tad unconventional but she always looked fabulous, knew how to have fun and still loved her slightly difficult daughters. There’s also THAT babin’ mermaid outfit, need we say more?

Marge Simpson - The Simpsons

A Skinnydip pin-up following our uhmazing Simpsons collaboration, Marge has hair that defies gravity AND deals with Homer on a daily basis - the woman is a saint (even if she is a cartoon). Marge shows us all how to follow our dreams - she’s tried everything from acting to being an erotic baker. She’s also been slayin’ in her choker since 89’ and gave birth to the coolest gal ever (Lisa, duh!).