Our guide to self-care

As it’s Mental Health Awareness week we wanted to address something that’s incredibly important to us, your health, how you feel and how stress can affect you. Each year thousands of supporters take part in Mental Health Awareness week in some way to raise awareness and get issues out in the open. This week is all about eliminating the stigma of mental health difficulties, something we wholeheartedly support here at Skinnydip HQ! We’ve put together a little self-care guide to help soothe the soul if you’re going through a hard time this week, month or year. The self-care guide is here for you whenever you need it, we’ve got your back!


Sleep can be a serious battle at times, but we say when you’re feeling a little low switch off all your tech, grab a book and tire your eyes far earlier than you usually would. Studies show an extra hour of sleep each night can actually improve your memory, strengthen creativity and most importantly make you feel more alert and happier! You’ll notice a serious difference when you feel more rested so treat yourself to an extra hour’s beauty sleep.


Get the bubbles out and prepare to soak until you’re as wrinkly as a prune. When you’re feeling low it can feel like serious effort to take the time out to pamper yourself, but we promise it’ll make you feel better. Layer on that charcoal face mask that’s been sat at the back of your bathroom cupboard for months, tie your hair up, pop on some mellow music and prepare for ultimate chill.


Recharging is important, and nothing charges up those batteries better than a night in with some intense Netflix and chillin’. When you’re feeling crappy you need easy watching, so grab the nearest tub of ice-cream and an industrially sized spoon and stick friends on, we guarantee Joey’s love for food and Chandlers awkwardness will put a smile on your face!
Tv not your thing? Grab your headphones, stick the kettle on and give yourself some downtime. Listening to uplifting music soothes the soul when you’re going through a tough time. 


Whether it’s that cute top you added to your wish list months ago or even just a sweet treat from your favourite cake shop – treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it and you’ll be surprised just how much a little treat can heighten your mood.


Last but by no means least, speak to someone. Share your feelings with a friend, or even a stranger. A problem shared really is a problem halved and with 7.6 billion people in the world, there’s no need to feel alone. The MIND and Mental Health organisations specialise in helping and providing more information on a range of topics from how to determine whether you have a mental health problem to where you can find help. Not only are they trained in listening, helping and supporting you they can also be reached through various different platforms, from phone call to email and webchat they promise complete confidentiality.
We’re hosting our very own panel discussion this Wednesday 16th May at 6 pm here at Skinnydip HQ and would love to see you there! We’re focusing on this year’s topic of stress and the pressures young adults face to constantly succeed. We’ve invited some of the most influential and coolest women of the moment to share and discuss their experiences with us all. Grab your free tickets here below;