We caught up with our babe Emma Breschi and her advice on how to model like a pro plus all the deets on her bestie Lebron! 

NGL Lebron the cutie franchise TOTES stole the show on shoot day, what’s next for this showbiz pup?

Everything I do... Lebron can do better! I'm just so lucky to have my little buddy to share all the good times with. Who knows, maybe he'll be the first dog to grace the new faces of Models 1 haha!

Those space buns look adorbs, which look from the day was your fave?

What I favour, is that everyone had their own thing going! I think everyone's individuality, self confidence and free spirit is what made each look unique! 

Which Skinnydip accessory have you got your eye on after the shoot?

I am obsessed with Skinnydips sunglasses! I wore these retro kind of round cat eye shaped specs, with like a soft red lens... I'm a sucker for a good cat eye! I mean did you not see how good they looked on Lebron! 

Talk about #SquadGoals for the Models 1 x Skinnydip shoot, top tips for taking the ultimate group pic?

These are the three things I like to consider for the ultimate squad pic:
No gaps of unwanted space! You're a squad! Get together! Like a rugby scrum! Connect! Be ONE! Get creative and fill in that SQUARE Crop! 

Make sure you count to three so everyone's ready! Don't ya just hate it when only a few of you were ready and the rest weren't? 

When in doubt, smile with your peace sign ready! (Becomes habit when you have a Filipino mom constantly telling you to pose like that for all the holiday pics haha)

Any words of advice for our new face of Skinnydip?

Don't stress... you have so much time for anxiety later in your career hahahaha! But I'm all serious, you'll be amazing if you just let go, enjoy the ride and have a whale of a time!  

Wanna see Emma in action? Check her out with the rest of the Models 1 crew below!