She’s one of us and oh, did she come to slay! In the words of Lucia herself her 'Super f**king fresh style was the perfect fit for our ##Models1xSkinnydip collab. We got the lowdown on what it was like to go from Retail Coordinator to Model for the day.


Our very own Skinnydip gurl Lucia! What was your fave part of the day?

Probably watching the other models do their thing!

What do you absolutely (HEART EMOJI) from the Skinnydip site RN?

Lobster Tin Cross Body Bag and I am deeply in love with all the new stationery <3

And no. way. do we believe this shoot was your first ever, would you do something like this again?

100% was! Maybe who knows...

You totally slayed in front of that camera, any tips for those of us that don’t feel as confidence in front of a lens?

 Try and see the comedic side of it, loosen up and have fun.

Hair, nails, make up, styling – our glam squad was fierce! Which new look will you defo try again?

I loved the pink highlights in Models 1 Charlie’s hair!

Wanna know more about Lucia? Watch her Q&A with Emma Breschi below!