With Pride just around the corner, we’re feeling seriously hyped about what’s to come and also filled with all the love here at Skinnydip HQ 😍. Whilst we’re busy sporting our fave rainbow unitards, showering ourselves in glitter and toasting a large vodka cranberry to some 2002 Britney classics, you’ll spot our #HATESUCKS float surfing the crowds and we cannot freakin’ wait 🌈 So don’t forget to come and say hello if you see us!
We’re sure you’ll agree just how important it is to remember the incredible progression that’s been made within the LGBT community over the years. So if like us, history has never been your forte, we’ve simplified some of the crucial moments that have taken place over the past 70 years and crammed it into a super bright rainbow coloured timeline.

We’re using this year’s pride to support the amazing Stonewall charity, whose work continues to tackle the equality of the LGBTQ community daily! You can donate here: https://www.stonewall.org.uk/support-stonewall