Wanna know what it takes to be an absolute #boss in the kitchen? We sat down with Alison, Lorna and Giovanna, the absolute BABES that founded Thee Girls Cook to talk everything from slaying Masterchef to cooking for the Queen...

1. Girl gang, the secret to being the ultimate cooking trio?

Alison: Recognising and appreciating each other's skills and way of working. We’ll talk everything through together, but ultimately we try to divide and conquer.
Lorna: We like to think so! It's so much more fun cooking with your friends and we all have our own ideas which is very exciting.
Giovanna: We’re lucky that we’ve all been through the same, rather bizarre MasterChef experience so we’ve spent LOADS of time together. We’re pretty good at knowing how each other works now.

2. REAL TALK: it’s been a long day, what’s your quick n’easy go-to meal?

Alison: Breakfast for dinner is a great quick, easy and healthy option. I’ll tend to make smoked salmon, kale and eggs, or an omelette, or mushrooms on toast, if I need feeding fast.
Lorna: I am a big fan of a chicken Caesar salad for a quick dinner or a Pad Thai if I want something a bit more carby (most of the time). 
Giovanna: I’ll always go for some sort of soup. It’s always so filling and comforting and it’s super-quick and easy.

3. Who would you absolutely LOVE to cook for?

Giovanna: I’d love to cook for (and with) Nigella. I think we’d have a lot to chat about and I really like her food philosophy.
Alison: Gordon Ramsay! He just seems really ridiculous and funny.
Lorna: I would LOVE to cook for the Queen. She is my ultimate idol along with the majority of the Royal family and it would be such a privilege to cook for her.

4. Time away from the kitchen, what do you guys get up to?

Giovanna: Music is my favourite thing to do to relax. I’ll play the piano or do some songwriting. Otherwise I’ll go out to eat with pals and get someone else to do the cooking!
Alison: I go back to Ireland and hang out with my family. Although food still tends to play a central role in this! 
Lorna: I am a big fan of shopping. Whether it's clothes, make-up or new crockery, I love spending money I usually don't have.

5. Own up, who’s the messiest?

Lorna: Ooh tough.. I think we'll all admit to being fairly messy in the kitchen! I'm definitely up there though.
Alison: LORNA! Hahaha
Giovanna: I thought I was!! I think we’ve definitely all learned to be a bit tidier since doing our own supper clubs.

 6. So you’ve just launched your first supper club, what’s next on the plate (geddit?) for Three Girls Cook?

Lorna: We have another supper club coming up at The Bluebird which is VERY exciting. We also have a demo series at Borough Market and various other events which are keeping us busy to say the least.
Alison: Loads more supper clubs and events are planned between now and the new year, so we’ll just see how that goes and then make a call on whether we want to take it full-time.

 7. We’re MASSIVE fans of Insta' at Skinnydip and your food just looks delish, what’s the secret to taking the most Instagrammable food shots?

Giovanna: I have a bench in my back garden that I take most of my food photos on because the natural light is so nice there and it’s shaded as you usually want to avoid direct sunlight. A pretty surface like marble or wooden boards as a background and a few nice props help too if you have some to hand.
Alison: Good lighting is the most important thing, and a nice plate doesn’t hurt either!
Lorna: We also love Instagram! Good lighting and plating are very important, and don't overcrowd the plate. I usually take the less is more approach when taking a picture for Instagram and then pile it up with extras when I'm actually eating it!

8. And for you guys what’s the most important: taste or appearance? 

Alison: I don’t want to choose - I think both are really essential! While obviously taste is really important, and essentially where the ideas and flavour combos come from, I’m very much about the aesthetic and if something doesn't look good then the whole experience is ruined for me.
Lorna: Taste is most definitely more important but appearance is a very close second. You do eat with your eyes before you taste the dish.
Giovanna: Similar to the other two really. Of course taste is the most important but the appearance shouldn’t be underestimated in the overall eating experience.

9. What is your fave dish to cook?

Alison: I love nothing more than to cook really fresh shellfish. You don’t need to do much with it - just treat it with respect and most likely serve with a nice buttery garlic sauce and some good bread...nothing better. 
Giovanna: Some sort of pasta for sure. I was brought up on it and have been making it for as long as I can remember. It’s such a comforting activity for me. 
Lorna: My fave dish to cook will usually involve some sort of game. I don't really care what, as long as it's fresh and in season!


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