Put your hands up if you wish you went to Coachella? IKR. We all do! With the music, parties and perfect photo opp in front of the palm trees what’s not to love? All the Coachella babes looked like they had a hella good time and one bae took us along for the ride. Our Cali girl Francis Lola who is a seasoned Coachella honey took over our Insta at the weekend giving us major outfit inspo. Catch up with Francis below.

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What's your top tip for a first time Coachella-goer?

Definitely stay hydrated and have a buddy system. It's very easy to get lost.

What is your must-have festival item? 

A backpack. It's just the most convenient way to carry all your festival needs.

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Who was your favourite performer?

Hans Zimmer. It was so cool to hear music from some of my favorite movies come to life. My favorite was when he played The Lion King song. 

There's so many parties at Coachella, what makes a party the best? 

They must have a pool. It's so hot out in the desert and jumping in the pool with a cocktail in hand is the best way to cool down.

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If you're not on the VIP list, can you still get in to cool parties? 

Definitely! Just ask around and find your best resources to get in. Ask a friend if you could be their plus one or check your inbox before Coachella for any missed RSVP emails.

We've all seen the instagram posts of Coachella, but what happens behind the pictures, is there anything we don't get to see?

The chaos that is the people. It can get extremely crowded in there. Especially during the big performances. Always stick with a buddy and keep an eye out for your friends!

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What's the best thing about Coachella?

The fashion, the food and the people!

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