With close to 3 million followers across social media, Sandrea26France is THE beauty blogger to follow for tutorials on anything from a subtle new look to dramatic Halloween transformations.  Since she started vlogging in 2009, she has worked with NYX and MAC, and has upcoming projects with L’Oreal and Sephora for 2017. Combining beauty with fashion and travel across Youtube, Facebook and Instagram has led Sandrea to be rightly crowned a super babe by her loyal fanbase. She took some time out to talk to Skinnydip about lemons, lipstick and her love of make-up brushes…



You have become such a huge sensation on social media thanks to your amazing tutorials, but what started your journey into beauty blogging? 


Thank you first of all! Truthfully, nothing about it was planned and I could have never guessed I would end up where I am today. I started following beauty gurus in Winter 2009 and fell in love immediately with the concept of sharing beauty types, knowledge and communicating with girls (and boys) around the world about one shared passion. Without putting much thought to it, I recorded and uploaded my first video.


Who is your beauty icon?


Coco Chanel! She's my queen, I am obsessed with her, her story, her sense of style and just how strong of a woman she was. She was an incredible woman, and I aspire to be a 10th of the woman she was and how successful she manage to become.


Are you a statement lip or eye kinda girl on a night out with your friends?


I would say I am more of a statement eye when I go out, only for the fading lip problems you get as you eat and drink. It's easier to manage a nude lip and frankly when I'm out with my BFF, I don't wanna be thinking about anything else than the fun we're having!


Skinnydip recently launched beauty tools – how important are brushes in your make-up regime?


I simply could not work without brushes, that how attached I am to them... As for sponges there is no way I am applying foundation, concealer and powder without that little guy!



How do you clean and store your brushes?


I clean my brushes with a special soap to make sure I keep the fibres intact. I have managed to keep hold of some of my brushes - the ones I didn't lose traveling!- for close to 10 years. I store them in a bag most of the time since I am always on the road - it makes everything easier for me.


What is the best way to apply foundation?


Based on my experience I think with a dampened make up sponge and a few sprays of Mac Fix +.


Has there been a new product you tried in the last 12 months that made you go OMG THIS IS AMAZING!


YES! I have fallen in love with a few things! The double stacked Mascara by NYX, the stick foundation by Hourglass and Estée Lauder's Double Wear Concealer  all OMG!


Oh no – it’s the day of a party and I’ve got a huge spot! How do I cover it without making it worse?!


God! I am still trying to figure that one out! I like to always carry MAC Studio Finish to cover any problematic area or spots. I first wash my hands, then warm up the product on the back of my hand with my ring finger and apply as little as I possible can. I love this concealer because it's a thick and highly pigmented product. It won't run and it surely won't let me down when it comes to covering anything!


What beauty moment in time would you want to revisit? 


I would go back to the late 50's early 60's, not for make-up though, but for fashion. I love how sophisticated every woman looked! And well.. Let's face it, the music was awesome!


You’re going on a week long holiday and opted for hand luggage only, but airport security will only let you take 5 items thorough – what do you choose and why?


Tough one! If I know I can buy everything again, I would let go of my toothbrush gladly to save a couple of things. Concealer would go with me! A sweater if I am not wearing one already. My most expensive piece in the suit case - computer, camera... I would also make sure I have a changer for my phone, but let's be real, it's most likely in my purse rather than my suit case. And finally, I would grab anything that is close to my heart, like a gift from my husband.


Tell us a super-secret beauty tip


My favorite beauty trick and secret is: Lemon! I juice a fresh lemon every night and sometimes even morning. At night I take a bit of the juice and apply it to my clean face, it's the best way to fight oil, dull skin with large pores! It's a pretty good antiseptic as well. I drink the rest with warm water. I have been doing that for months and my skin has never been this beautiful! And this comes from a 27 year-old woman who's been fighting with bad skin and acne prone skin since I was 10!


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