Wanna find out what it's like to be a badass illustrator? Our girl Sophie Brampton give us the DL about how she took her work from Insta to glossy magazine spreads and how did it all whilst working at Skinnydip! 

1. Illustrator IRL, describe your day-to-day

In my day to day life I work for Skinny Dip!! I work part time for the retail team going around the central London stores (hopefully) making them look fab! Then in my spare time I’m an ‘artist’ lol. It’s crazy thinking that one day I could actually do what I’ve always loved as my full time job! I can’t go a day without creating something

2. Fashion, girl power and illustrating but what else do you (heart emoji)?

I love music, especially by artists with really meaningful lyrics, as this really inspires my work. My faves are Solange Knowles, Frank Ocean and Banks. I also love a bit of thrift shopping and finding a bargain.

3. What does feminism mean to you?

Feminism to me is all about realising that other girls are not your competition, and doing things for your own pleasure as opposed to for the male gaze. My work is inspired mainly by Riot Grrrl zines as I love how angry and confident they come across- this is what I want my work to be like. Strong women finding their way in our patriarchal society where we are constantly belittled or seen as weak. Support your local girl gang and always remember that a bitch is just a woman who knows what she wants.

4. Your style is bold, unapologetic and SO RN, who/what has influenced your handwriting?

For my final Uni project last year I became totally obsessed with the Riot Grrrl movement, especially strong women like Kathleen Hanna, who’s band Bikini Kill had THE best song lyrics- one of their songs is literally called ‘I Like F*cking*. I love seeing women totally feeling themselves and being confident exactly the way they are. I also hate the whole ‘send nudes’ thing and how it’s seen as something for men- so that’s why I often draw nudes but in a really female directed audience kinda way- sometimes you just feel good and want to express that. Artists I am obsessed with include- artbabygirl (Grace Micelli), Robin Eisenberg, Laura Callaghan, Polly Nor and Chloe Wise.

 5. And who do you consider to be bold, unapologetic and of the moment?

Loads of bloggers at the moment are taking some amazing stands in the self love scene recently. I absolutely love ‘The Curvy Roamer’ Instagram name – curvy roamer, Barbie Ferreira (Insta name barbienox) and also Emily Ratajkowski just always has so much sass. Also the guilty pleasure of some Kimmy K.

6. During a creative lull, what gets your creative juices flowing?

Instagram inspo 100%. I follow SO many fashion/ art/ photography Instagram inspo accounts- my favourite is ‘wildest lovers’ where there are so many images that are right up my aesthetic. I mainly tend to keep up to date with fashion photographers work and editorials so that I have lots of images going through my head and it helps me to plan my own illustrations.

7. What tunes have you got playing on a busy working day?

I have so many different moods when listening to music and if I put the wrong genre on it can irritate me. I could listen to Banks all day however, her music is really versatile and all her songs sound different, there’s one for every mood. Banks - F*ck with myself, is a recurring track.

8. The route to success atm is Instagram, do you have any other tips and tricks to get your work noticed?

I would say to draw everything that takes your fancy- if you find a cool photo then draw it and tag the photographer as I’m sure they would be really flattered! Or create something cool for a brand you love – but do it all for free. You need to show that you care about your work and the best way is to show that it’s not only a job for you, you actually love doing it.


9. Drawing on-the-go, what materials are your essentials?

Drawing on the go I take my trusty graphics tablet, and my laptop. And of course, Photoshop. The essentials.

10. Skinnydip love! Peach, avocado or fruity AF?

Peachy of course babygurl.

11. We saw you did some live illustrations for FW, if you could illustrate any designer’s live catwalk show (past or present, dead or alive!), who’s would it be?

Anything by Ashish I would welcome with open arms, lol. Or Vivienne Westwood would be a fun one! Also, anything 90’s Gucci or Chanel would be a dream. Anything bold, colourful and sassy AF.

12. Your work is all about gurl power, who are your go-to Insta gals we’ve got to follow?

You MUST FOLLOW all the @confetticrowd girls (obsessed is not the word), @laurieleeleather, @thepinkerprint, @thepoopculture and @pieandfash!

13. Honest answer: tidy or messy workspace?

Organised mess always.

14. What’s next for Sophie Rose Brampton? Cute tee’s, animations, an exhibition? (hint hint)

Yesssss hopefully all those things! I’m working on some personal work to develop my style currently, so the dream is for my own exhibition! When it happens you’re all invited. Rosé on me.

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